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Audubon Public School District welcomes you!

Home-grown yet high-tech, close-knit yet worldly, warm, friendly, unique, progressive...these are all terms which come to mind when describing the Audubon School District.
"Customer Driven" is the management term which describes Audubon's faculty and staff's commitment to its students, parents, community, and services.

Maintaining excellence has been a hallmark for the District, and in today's high tech world, bringing state of the art learning to its students is what Audubon strives for.

None of this would be possible without the support and involvement of an active  community.

Audubon possesses a strong community base supportive of quality education and superior extracurricular programs.

Every major decision concerning facilities and programs involves the community and students, showcasing Audubon's deep rooted philosophy of community and student empowerment.

The faculty, staff, and administration of Audubon welcome you to join with us in our educational journey in enriching our students, community's and our own lives...

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